We believe that getting back in touch with nature is what will help you achieve the happy, healthy, glowing skin you want. 

We love local

We draw on the astounding natural resources around us in Cornwall to formulate skincare with a difference. Using natural ingredients, locally-sourced and organic wherever possible, and carefully selected to be kind to your skin's microbiome, every Ma product connects you with nature and the power it has to restore and heal us, inside and out. 

We never promise quick fixes

In fact, we're highly suspicious of overnight miracles. Healing years of stresses on our skin and other systems will be slow and steady, and dependent on holistic self-care. What we can promise, is that when you look after every part of our physical and mental wellbeing, that you won't be able to hide the glow. 

We care about our planet, and we care about you

We source ingredients and packaging responsibly, using safe, more sustainable, lower-impact everything. From using fully recyclable containers and by-products of other industries, to rejecting ingredients that are grown unsustainably or unethically. You don't want it, we don't want it. 

We are always open to change and improvement

We invite feedback and collaboration with all. If you have suggestions on what we could do better, please email hello@madebyma.co.uk

As we take from our surroundings, so we give back

We donate a percentage of every sale to Choose Nature, a local community interest company who seek to strengthen people's connection with nature, inspire lifelong learning and support communities.