What does Ma mean?

If you'll forgive us for being a little hippie, Ma is Mother Nature. She's our Ma, THE Ma, and she's amazing. We're all about the love, protection and nurture and using what we've got around us, in the way she intended. Without her, our products wouldn't exist. 


Where did Ma come from?

The idea for Ma was born after founder, Katie, was tired of suffering from bad reactions to synthetic-based, shop-bought skincare, and could see her young daughter developing the same issues. While studying to become a medical herbalist, Katie started making completely natural products for her family and friends to use, using her growing expertise and love of all things Cornwall.


Why use natural skincare products?

For us, there are a few main reasons:

Minimising ‘toxic load’ on the body. We’re so careful about what we put in to our bodies, but when it comes to what we put on them, maybe not so much. But we do absorb through our skin, so it makes sense to avoid chemical-laden skin care products too, especially as they are commonly formulated with, among a vast number of other things, formaldehyde and hydroquinone, substances that are thought to be carcinogenic. Then there are the well-known villains, such as parabens, petrolatums, lead, silicones, pesticides and phthalates, and, in addition to the dangerous stuff that accumulates in our bodies over time, we’re talking synthetic fragrance and sulphates too, both known to cause irritation in up to 20% of users, and dryness.

Plants, and plant-derived ingredients are amazing. Their abilities to heal, hydrate, smooth, lighten, balance and clean, while being gentle and nourishing, are astounding. They may work a little slower than your refined synthetic concentrates, but they do genuinely work.

Lowering our environmental impact. The climate emergency is our collective wake up call to reduce, reuse and recycle. Everyone has their part to play. Collectively we are promoting the use of sustainable ingredients that have been organically grown and that are 100% free of Palm oil, harmful chemicals and toxins. Our packaging is made with recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

What are the white bits in my Eternity Serum?

What you're seeing is solidified Moringa oil, but don't worry, they are a sign of a high-quality, unrefined oil and are completely harmless. Moringa likes temperatures over 25C, and if the ambient temperature is lower than that (as it is in most British homes a lot of the year) then some of it starts to solidify. You might also notice a slight milkiness, or 'wisps' of white throughout it. Again, these are nothing to worry about, but if they bother you you can try warming the oil a little before you apply it.

My Intensive Beauty Balm seems softer/harder than the last one I bought. Why is that?

When formulating with natural ingredients, there is sometimes variation between batches that could impact texture, colour or scent. This is due, among other things, to the crop, the conditions under which it was grown or harvested, and the ambient temperature due to the time of year. The high-quality shea butter we use is always organic and unrefined, and naturally ranges in texture from soft and scoopable, to really quite hard. When worked into our formulas, this has a knock-on effect for the finished texture, but the feel, benefits and effect of the balm will be exactly the same once applied to the skin. 

Do you use preservatives in your natural skincare products?

By keeping our products waterless, we don’t invite the microbial action that added water brings with it. But we need a little something, and while antioxidants are not considered actual preservatives by purists, they do help to slow the oxidation in our vulnerable ingredients. Oxidation is what happens when exposure to air or oxygen starts to compromise the oils or other ingredients. We use high-strength, natural Vitamin E oil for its natural stabiliser properties, to help preserve the integrity of all of our finished products.

We use recycled amber glass to store our products in, the dark glass helps to keep out strong light that can speed up deterioration. We recommend storing all of our products out of direct light and where they will not be subject to temperature fluctuations. 


You use organic ingredients, yet your products aren't labelled as organic. Why is that?

Organic certification is expensive, and we're a small brand. Being 'organic' is an incredibly worthwhile thing to validate, and we're keen to pursue it in the near future. But right now, we're happy to go as far as possible to source organic ingredients, or ones that are grown organically without being certified organic, and, wherever possible, that's what we use. 

Are your products made in the UK?

Yes. We handcraft all of our products from organic, vegan friendly ingredients in our studio here on the North Coast of Cornwall. 

Where can I buy Ma Products?

As well as through our website www.madebyma.co.uk you can also find our products in a hand picked selection of stores around the north coast of Cornwall, and other websites including:

Elixir Health

Coastal Scandi


The Beach House, Rock

Mooch, Rock