Our vision is to be 100% sustainable and harmless with all our products and practices. We know we are not there yet, but, just like an Olympic athlete, we know it's all about the marginal gains, and we promise, little by little, if it needs to be changed, we'll change it. In the meantime...

    • As far as possible we buy organic ingredients, and always from reputable merchants. We source from the UK when we can, and never buy from abroad based purely on cost. 
    • We package in fully recyclable amber glass, which protects and prolongs the life of your all-natural products. The lids are made of black urea plastic, which is non-reactive with our ingredients, and is recyclable...just not everywhere. This is something we're looking into alternatives for, but for now, check your facilities locally. Or, return it to us and we'll do it for you. 
    • We've purposely chosen not to screen print your glass bottles and jars. Although we love the way this looks and feels, we've opted for biodegradable paper, inks and adhesive.
    • We mail in recycled cardboard boxes, using recycled paper shred to stop your products being damaged.
    • We believe change is made on a local level. That's why, instead of supporting high-profile charities that look good on our pages, we have chosen to donate a percentage of every sale to our local Food Bank.  
    • After a long search we've finally found a packaging partner who can supply us with the lids we want for our jars and bottles - black aluminium, recycled and fully recyclable at the kerbside! The old black plastic was recyclable, but not everywhere, and even though we encourage you all to wash and re-use our containers once you're out of the lovely stuff within, we know that sometimes this doesn't happen. So, the loop has been closed. Continue to re-use, or recycle away, until we're able to offer a return and refill service one day