Hi, I'm Katie, the founder of Ma.

Like many of our customers, I’ve suffered with dry, sensitive skin all my life, and was being prescribed ever-stronger topical steroid treatments just to keep it halfway controlled. A pathway my daughter seemed to be on too, unfortunately.

Trendy, fun looking skincare and cosmetics were out. Bath bombs, forget it. Anything fragranced or coloured or fizzy or novel was sure to cause all hell to break loose and wasn’t worth the risk. Yet I’ve always loved potions and creams and the whole apothecary vibe, so I started formulating for myself, using natural, organic ingredients. In 2018 I started training as a herbalist, and the healing, restorative power of nature started to take centre stage in the products I was making.

I truly believe that we should all be getting as close to nature as possible, for our own health and wellbeing, and for that of our planet.

A huge welcome to you and thank you so much for your support.

A picture of Ma Founder Katie with family, at the beach

Why we set up Ma Natural Skincare 

Because managing your skin can be complex and difficult. Our bathroom cabinets and bedroom drawers can easily become stuffed with products we use once or twice then become bored with, or react badly to.

The wastage involved, and the reliance on mass, lab produced chemicals that contain harmful compounds seems wrong to us.

We wanted to help people simplify. To use stuff that exists already. To achieve their ‘personal best skin’ and lower impact on the environment.

Our primary objective in creating our natural skincare range, was to formulate products that are genuinely helpful, and kind to the body, mind and planet. This means wherever possible we will use local ingredients, organic, natural botanicals and will always be synthetic free.

We have purposely taken a plant-first approach to our skincare, believing as we do in their powerful therapeutic properties, and recognising the mainstream nature of veganism and the importance of being cruelty free and traceable.

What does Ma mean?

If you'll forgive us for being a little hippie, Ma is Mother Nature. She's our Ma, THE Ma, and she's amazing. We're all about the love, protection and nurture and using what we've got around us, in the way she intended. 

Our slow beauty philosophy

We're playing the long game. We believe that having good skin takes time, sometimes lots of it, and that's ok. We're not about overnight quick fixes or miracle cures. We prefer to take things slow. To let our natural, plant-based formulations work gently over time, nourishing and remedying skin, body and mind, and helping us lower our impact on the planet at the same time. 

With a grounding in the practice of herbalism, with a massive dose of Cornish spirit, we wanted to create a range of products that reduce toxic load on the body, and work holistically to enhance everyone's natural beauty. We do this by advocating Slow Living, choosing ingredients that not only target specific skin concerns, but also affect mood, and by making sure we take into account 'things outside the pot', such as your lifestyle, and our collective relationship with the environment. 

We launched in 2020, at the end of a year that reinforced our drive to promote a more simple, more gentle, more natural way of living. It's why we source mindfully, locally, seasonally, and from people who share our values, repurposing where we can, and always striving to improve ourselves and our offering. 

It's great to have you along.

Katie x