Looking after your skin's microbiome

Your skin is ALIIIIIVE! Except when you’re hungover, then it’s definitely dead. But, when resurrected, it changes with the seasons, and we have now undoubtedly entered the phase of the year when UDPs (Unexplainable Dry Patches) arrive overnight and hang around. 

Our skin is covered in trillions of microorganisms that keep it healthy. Unbalance in this amazing layer of bacteria, viruses and fungi (your microbiome!) can cause dryness, irritation, acne, inflammation, infection etc etc etc...all the stuff we spend a fortune trying to alleviate. So, what can you do, right now, to nurture your good bacteria and bring about healthy, glowing skin?

Here are our top tips:

1. Streamline your regimen. Less is more. Use fewer products. Choose products with fewer ingredients. Keep essential oils under 1%.

2. Go natural. Use organic, plant-based oils to cleanse, hydrate, protect, everything. Choose ingredients that are gentle and nourishing such as aloe, shea and jojoba (like in our Intensive Beauty Balm) and squalane (try our Peace Serum or Eternity Serum).

3. Don't wash them off. By, um, not washing. David Whitlock, the chemist behind the leading biome friendly skincare brand @a0biome_ hasn't showered in 17 YEARS!

4. Avoid harsh detergents, surfactants and anti-microbials. Likewise products with alcohols, such as toners that have a 'degreasing' effect. Specifically look for ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and steer well clear. However, if you're reading the ingredients list and see stearyl, cetyl or cetearyl alcohol, these are fatty alcohols and are the good kind.

5. Eat a varied diet of plants. Nurture the gut and all your systems will benefit. Green stuff and berries. Spinach for skin-strengthening vit A, berries for vit C and antioxidants to stave off cell damage. Eat them. Get gorgeous.

6. Look into a topical probiotic, prebiotic or post-biotic to incorporate into your routine.

7. Get outside, get dirty, roll around in the grass, hug a cute tree 😁💚

8. Don’t avoid natural fat in your diet. Foods that are rich in essential fatty acids? They're keepers. Go for nuts, seeds, olive oils, avocados, and fish if you’re into it.

9. Water. Drink it. Then drink some more. Herbal tea also good. Try nettle for detoxing the blood and liver, and chamomile for chilling yo’self out. Avoid caffeine and alcohol that can dry skin out (we can but try!)

10. Moisturise, maybe something more heavy duty that what you’re used to - like our Intensive Beauty Balm. Throughout the day if you need it, and definitely at night.
Get more sleep if you need to. It can be hard if your mind is racing or if the kids are needing, and if sleep is eluding you, practice some meditative techniques that can at least help you rest. Personally, when I’m awake in the middle of the night, I visualise collecting an Olympic medal 😁…the more detail you can visualise the better(sights, sounds, smells) and I drift off beautifully 💚

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